Important Faq

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Alpminerstrade accepts funds from its customers and creates consolidated financial flows of investment funds, carefully analyzing all aspects that may affect the conclusion of a particular exchange transaction. Making a profit, we divide it between clients in accordance with a fixed percentage of profitability, and use the remaining profit directly at our discretion.

Alpminerstrade sees the popularization of online trading and the strengthening of its business position in this competitive market as its primary goal. It is easy to understand that the more working capital is involved in the process of exchange transactions and the more people become interested in this business, the closer we are to our goals and the higher the income level of our customers is....

We are trying to look at the business as wide as possible. But at the same time, we are committed to the narrow specialization of our own traders, who focus their efforts on narrow trading sectors. Combining these approaches, we balance and effectively pursue our online trading strategy.

Using the earned profit as the main financial instrument, we are constantly progressing and increasing our presence in the online trading market. Also, we constantly invest in the development of new business areas. In particular, in the development of mining systems, thereby developing not only their own business, but also the technologies associated with it.

All our investment offers are described in the "Investors" section of our website. In this section, you can always choose the investment option you like.

No. If you do this, all accounts will be blocked due to the violation of the Company rules.

You can start investing with 200 USD.

No, we do not charge any additional fees or commissions.

You need to report a bug to Technical Support via our live chat or email address

No. In order to receive affiliate rewards, the presence of a minimum deposit is required. Then, by inviting new members to our online investment service, you will have the opportunity to actively earn money by constantly developing your own affiliate structure.